Meet Mary

My Story

      My love of music began at early age and continued through 9 years of piano lessons through my childhood and consisted of hours of exploring all genres of music. Fascination with sound, music theory, and the art and science behind it fueled my independent learning process through my teenage and continues to do so to this day. This love expanded into my career path, broadened into recording engineering and inviting others to journey with me through teaching piano. I have had to joy of exploring the world of music to dozens of students    

Sharing my Passion

      I strive to cultivate a curiosity of music in each student as they continue learning and growing rather than a prescribed "practice time." Although a focus on performance techniques, exams, and competitions are valuable, my personal teaching philosophy puts creativity, exploration, and music theory at the forefront, using the piano as a means to inspire and understand the heart of the auditory language of music in general. My mission is to provide an environment of instruction that capitalizes on the student's goals and interests. I am honored in being considered to be part of your student's journey. 

Mary Beth Martin

Piano Instructor