What students and parents are saying....

Katrina E.

 Our daughters greatly enjoyed Mary Beth as a teacher. They would comment that she taught them well but also that she was patient and encouraging,  giving words of affirmation and gentle suggestions on how to improve their skills. As a parent, I appreciated her prompt arrivals, clear communication via texting, and most of all, that she taught a very well-rounded lesson that included practice, theory, musical skills, simple games, memorization, flashcards, etc. 

Liz G.

 After hearing me play piano, my friends were astounded to learn that I've only been taking lessons for 6 months. I credit my success to my teacher. She inspires me to excel. 

Kayla M.

 I really enjoyed our time together and i am thankful for all that Mary Beth taught me! She has a very good way of explaining how to do everything! 

Melissa C.

 Mary Beth is a knowledgeable and patient piano teacher! My daughter loves her! 

Tonya S.

 It is so convenient to have piano lessons in our home.  Mary is a patient and thorough teacher.  She interacts well with children and gives a love and appreciation for music.